A Guide To Buying Curtains

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The modern world gives high importance to interior renovations. These days people love to give their homes a heavenly and cosy atmosphere as the pandemic has led most of us to spend more time at our homes with our beloveds. This is when many of us decided to give our interior the best transformation so that spending time indoors becomes more entertaining.

When talking about interior innovations, window treatments are of great importance as it is through our windows that we glance onto the outside world. So, an appealing curtain design that incorporates the modern curtain style has become a vital part of interior renovation. Curtains UAE updates our curtains with the latest trends of Curtains in Dubai. This blog is a guide that introduces the latest trends in window treatment thereby helping our customers in choosing the best window drapery. This handy curtains buying guide would help you with all the essential information that is to be taken care of while buying a curtain.

Accurate Measurements

This is the key feature that decides the productivity of made-to-measure window treatment. There is no point in installing a customised curtain if the measurements are wrong. The fit should be accurate: neither too short nor too long. Even the fullness should be correct with neither excessive nor deficient fullness. The curtain size can never be standardized as each window requires a different length curtain depending on the positioning of the curtain and the window size. You can position it above the window sill or radiator as well as pool it on the floor for a luxurious finish. It is always advisable to make the correct measurements with the help of an expert for a perfectly tailored custom window drapery to eradicate the risk and worries.

Right Header Type

The appeal of curtains is defined by the way they are hanged from the poles or tracks. It is called heading and there are 4 ways to choose from. 1. Eyelet Heading 2. Pinch Pleat Headings 3. Wave Headings 4. Pencil and Deep Pencil Pleats Headings

Curtain Fullness

Curtain fullness is the width of the curtain fabric that goes on the track or pole. It is the curtain fullness that provides the desirable imposing finish to the curtain. Curtain fullness can be simply explained as: If the curtain pole is a metre and your fabric is also one metre, the curtain fullness will be one, and it seems tight or stretched when pulled across the window. On the other hand, if you have 2 metres of fabric on a one-metre pole, the fullness is two and it imparts a more easy flowing volumised look. Fullness varies depending on the header types as well as the curtain fabric and colour. For example, thin sheers require more fabric for a fuller look in comparison with thicker materials.

Height at which Curtains are Hanged

Depending on the room size and the function of curtains, the curtain height can be decided. The curtains can be fixed several inches above the top and window frame and are allowed to float on the floor for a fuller look. It imparts a cosy interior space.

Curtain Linings

We always provide a standard curtain lining for a luxurious and full finish. In a tropical region like Dubai, we offer our Curtains UAE collection with a thermal curtain lining, that will insulate the room thereby keeping the heat away. Or you can choose a blackout curtain lining that helps prevent the outside light from entering the room space.

Layering a Curtain

For an added effect with effective efficacy, you can layer a curtain with another curtain or a blind. This ensures both aesthetics as well as effective functioning. Layering a roman blind with an intricately patterned curtain ensures both a magnificent appeal along with perfect privacy and thermal and sound insulation. They together create a sense of depth with their textures and patterns. You can also combine a light shaded voile curtain with a dark shaded outer easy wave curtain for a stunning window treatment. The combination of a light voile with a full curtain looks magnificent, imparting a delicate and smooth finish to the window.

The Curtain Accessories

The accessories you choose are as important as the curtain fabric. You need the right accessories to compliment the fabric you have selected for an elegant finish.

Precise fitting

The installation of a curtain is a factor that is to be taken immense care of. A customised curtain is made with days of hard work at the workshop. From the fabric to designs, everything is done with immense care and precision. And all that efforts will go in vain if the curtain is not installed properly. The final look of a curtain is always achieved by the perfect fitting.

A slightly wonky pole or tieback set at different heights ruins the appeal of your handcrafted curtain. So always make sure that you choose a professional service or guidance for the installation of your curtains Dubai. You can always rely on the Curtains UAE team who are omniscient in every stage of window treatment for the best experience.